Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

So I finished the Amelia Cardigan. Kind of. After blocking the bejesus out of it, the cardigan fits, but the neckline? Is uberwide. So, once my Christmas knitting is finally done, I will pick out the bind off edge and add a couple more inches to the neckline.
2009.12.23 002

No, my Christmas knitting is not done. Two of five gifts are finished and in the hands, or post office box, of their recipients. But the other three are still in progress. But this is okay, because their recipients are coming to visit in early January, and we will have Christmas then. So that's still in progress.

I took the time out to scratch the "knit something else" itch, so I designed a hat. Well, designed in the sense of tossed a stitch pattern onto a hat and go from there. But I'm pretty happy with it. I think I'll write up a pattern and knit a second one to get the bugs out of the pattern. Right now, the decreases are just too sloppy. I'd like to do something more elegant with them. Also, I need to size it down just slightly.
2009.12.23 018

So I've got quite a to-do list. I have under two weeks to complete my Christmas knitting. I need to fix the neckline of my Amelia cardigan. I want to reknit and write up my hat pattern. I have my Laminaria shawl to finish up. And I am feeling the urge to use some very special alpaca yarn to knit a cowlneck sweater. I'm thinking Francis Revisited. I want to make a sweater that's like wearing a hug.