Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spinning follies

I spin a little. And by a little, I mean a little. I have a drop spindle and all the training the internet has to offer. So I do... okay. I make yarn. Not great yarn. And not quickly. Like what I'm working on now. I bought 2.5 oz of black alpaca roving in JUNE 2007. And I've spun about half of it into 162 yards of a two-ply heavy-ish laceweight.
Black alpaca lace
Black alpaca lace
I think what's happening is that I'm underspinning the singles so that the plies aren't, um, plying enough. So it's a very loose two ply. And my operation is probably not the best. I wind the yarn off the spindle onto my ball winder and ply from both sides of the ball. Also, I haven't "set it" yet, which I believe involves soaking the yarn and then beating it vigorously on a counter top. But still, it is yarn, it is knittable and I did make it. I'm working on the other half, spinning a thicker yarn which will hopefully take less than 18 months. :P

My knitpicks order came!
40" classic circs in sizes 0-3, 40" cord for the options set, and a needle sizer with metric. My current sizer was a thrift store find with no metric readings... and old.

The current projects seem to be unphotographable. The light and the yarn isn't co-operating. Alas.


Veronica said...

At least you're keeping with the spinning. I did a tiny bit and never got back to it.

Please let me know how you like the knitpicks needles - I'm thinking I'm needing new circs eventually.

Lynn Bethke said...

I actually have two KP circs already, but too short for the two at once magic loop. I quite like them! Very pointy, cord is really flexible with very little memory. I haven't noticed any issues with the joins or the quality.