Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Yarn Extravaganza

I love a bargain. It must be genetic. My mom was bargain mad too, as is my brother. So, when the Dancing Ewe had a sale this weekend, I ended up with a few new bits of yarn. First this Louet Gems Fingering in a gorgeous vibrant teal:
New yarn

And four hanks, enough for a largish lace piece, of Cascade's Alpaca Lace:
New yarn

Then we stopped by Goodwill, where I checked out the crafts bins out of habit and, lo and behold, the greatest Goodwill haul I've had in several years. I won't bore you with photos of yarn in messy balls, but I got four balls of Filatura di Crossa Zara, three balls of Rowan Calmer, and a couple balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino for a comparative song. Wheee....

On Tuesday I embark on several weeks of travel - a week in New York state, a couple days home, then nearly a week in Los Angeles. And the big question is, what do I bring for a knitting project? I'm thinking socks. Single socks at a time. Maybe the monkey sock in a variegated yarn I've been unsure what to do with. Something easy, but not dull, and something portable. What to do, what to do?

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Thea said...

Love the teal yarn - and have always dreamed of hitting the Goodwill jackpot! (instead, our goodwill seems to be full o acrylics...)