Thursday, July 29, 2010

FO: Ishbel.2

I finished my first Ishbel scarf at the end of March. Then I finished up spinning some merino/silk I had been working on. I ended up with about 350 yards of more or less lace-fingering weight yarn, with some areas so thin as to be threadlike and a couple of noticeably thicker slubs. It was enough for a project. And, while I usually don't like to knit the same pattern twice, Ishbel seemed just right. So I started knitting it. Then I stopped for a long time. But now it is finished.
Ishbel 2.0

The fiber spun up into a lovely mostly-blue-but-with-shades-of-greens-and-purples that I feel is quite nice. Because of the thinness of certain areas, I did not block as aggressively as I am wont to for fear of breakage. It seems to have come out intact.
Ishbel 2.0

I feel especially proud of this because I did take it from fiber to finished. It's my first project from my own handspun. Yay!
Ishbel 2.0


Veronica said...

That is pretty awesome, spinning and knitting and all. Yay!

One day I will progress past being a baby spinner!

Lynn Bethke said...

Thank you. I'm certainly no expert spinner! But practice makes... if not perfect, then improvement.