Friday, July 2, 2010

Road trip!

It's summertime! Well, it's supposed to be. June has been chilly and July has not yet heat up. But that didn't stop Mr. Husband and I from heading south to Oregon on the first roadtrip of summer. We drove down to Klamath Falls, OR which served as base camp. From there we spent one day at the Lava Beds National Monument which is fantastically awesome if you have any interest in caves. And we spent one day at Crater Lake National Park which is phenomenally beautiful.
Crater Lake

Unfortunately, we went to Crater Lake a little early in the season, so most trails were blocked by snow. The only open trail is the Cleetwood trail, which takes you down the the water. So off we went! It was steep and swarming with more mosquitoes than I have ever seen before, but it was worth it. We hung out on some rocks and enjoyed the view. I waded a bit (just a little - the water is 38 degrees F), and then I pulled out my knitting.
Crater Lake

Because, yes, I am the type to carry my knitting more than a mile down hill just for a photo op so I can post it on my blog.

The project in question is the ever popular Clapotis in deliciously soft Malabrigo.


Sad news: My local yarn shop is closing at the end of the month. The Dancing Ewe has been a beautiful shop and meant a lot to me personally. A contest there pushed me into trying lace design, the weekly knit night was always lovely, and Cathy, the owner, gave me the opportunity to discover that I really enjoy teaching others how to knit or to learn new techniques. So thanks for everything. The Dancing Ewe will be missed.

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