Thursday, October 2, 2008

Patriotic socks

I finished these socks while watching the Vice Presidential Candidates debate this evening. So I will call them my patriotic socks. Which they are. If you live in, uh, Azerbaijan, New Caledonia, or Namibia.

Patriotic socks

Actually, I think of these as my boring socks. So boring that I made the first one in April and only started the second one last Saturday. And had forgotten in the meantime how many stitches and what size needles I was using. Oops.

Patriotic socks

The yarn is from Sunnyside Ellen. But I got it in a swap and didn't know it was self striping. I'm glad it was - I am not a fan of very different colors pooling. A nice yarn though, and the dying is good too. A little lighter near some of the color changes, but very nice.

The socks are my regular recipe for boring dull stockinette socks. Toe up with Judy's Magic Cast-on, an appropriate # of stitches around - 72 in this case, a short row heel, and a bit of ribbing at the top. A great big yawn, but a comfy and fast basic sock.

They remind me of baseball for some reason. Does New Caledonia have a little league team?

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