Saturday, January 10, 2009

Knitting mountain

I am a pilemaker. My natural instinct is to assemble things into piles. This, for example, is the end table on which my knitting sits.
Knitting mess

You can see that knitting mountain extends onto the shelving unit which houses my yarn, knitting books, and other supplies. Three wips in progress are visible amidst the chaos. I just cast on for a sweater sleeve, and I am about to turn the heels on my sockdown! socks. My lace project is up on the shelving unit. In the chaos you can also see my altoids, the laser pointer which drives the cat batty, my dpn roll, and some circular needles. Also visible is my frog knotions container given to me by my brother in law and his wife for Christmas. It is very delightful.

I think knitting mountain is about due for a leveling. I feel certain that my husband, who is not a born pile maker, will agree with this assessment of the situation.


Veronica said...

Oh, I would have a pile like that, but I'm afraid of what the cat would do. He doesn't know much about yarn yet!

Lynn Bethke said...

Thankfully Business Cat is pretty good about leaving things alone in areas which have been forbidden. Although she has shredded the fabric fronts of my yarn boxes. Better than shredding the yarn.