Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Designing is hard!

So I mentioned that my local yarn store is having this contest - make a scarf, in any of four categories, out of sock yarn. I've been interested in trying my hand at lace design. I've designed a pair of socks (On the Fly Socks), but the novel thing there was making up a stitch pattern. So this contest opportunity - with its prizes and celebrity judges - seems just the right nudge to get me going.

But I come to find out.... this is hard! And scarves don't even need shaping. I figured that, given my not insignificant experience knitting lace, this should be a breeze. But, uh, it's not. The rules of the contest specify that the pattern must not be published prior to the contest, so you don't get to see photos of the design I finally settled on, but I am going to show you the rejects.

(Washed out with flash - makes it easier to see the pattern.) The bottom design is the first try. But in addition to being fiddly to knit, it's pretty complicated and hard to see in a scarf. I like it a lot, though, and think it's got potential. Just not for this project. The design on top... eh.. not so much. It's simpler than the bottom, but still not hitting any notes.
2009.6.14 001

Attempt number three: Something still not hitting right about this one. Subtle, but to the point where it gets kind of hard to see.
2009.6.14 006

So what did I end up going with? Well... that remains to be seen. I'll post photos, and the pattern, after the contest is over. Early August.


Corrina said...

I remember when I first knit branching out that I had the very bright idea that I would come up with a lace pattern and make a similar scarf all by myself. After having knit for all of 2 or 3 months.

It's easier now, but there are somedays when it's all swatch and no gain.

Megan said...

I like the first one better, the bottom one kind of looks like you just did yarn overs where you didn't mean to.
I think you shouild make a scarf covered in bobbles, big hairy ones!