Thursday, June 18, 2009

Project storage is no picnic

I've got about a half dozen project on the needles right now. I have a variety of bags that I keep them in. I've got your basic canvas bag, a nice reversible blue bag, a variety of Halloween bags from the lovely cyclingkate, a cute drawstring bag with a bird on it, and my newest addition from Corrina of Picnic Knits.

You see, Corrina has this Etsy shop where she sells various lovelies. And one day I was so in love with some fiber that I had to buy it. So I got this:
2009.4.28 064
It's very pretty, but I haven't spun a bit of it yet. I go through fits and spurts with the spinning thing, unfortunately.

As a little bonus, she sent along this bag:
2009.6.13 012

You see, it's great because it has exactly enough room for a pair of socks and a nice flat bottom. As a bonus, it's reversible! I actually keep the yellow star side out because it's so happy. 2009.6.13 010
That bit of blue is actually the scarf I've been working on for the contest. (I've got maybe 10" knit so far!) This is my favorite bag for small projects right now.

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Corrina said...

I'm so glad you like the bag! I actually have my current sock-in-progress in the same model!