Friday, June 5, 2009

5th of the month project status post: June edition

Old business first!

- Diamonds and Triangles Stole from Victorian Lace Today: Active-ish. It's around, but not top priority.
- Kiila, the mystery sock for May: Active - near the end! Just have about 27 rows of the cuff left to do.
- Amelia cardigan: Sleeping. It's too warm to think about an alpaca/wool sweater.
- Lilac Leaf Shawl: Active-ish. It's around. I'm pretty worried that I'll need to cut out several repeats in the middle and try to block it out longer. We'll see.

New Business!
- Laminaria Shawl: So happy to have this one on the needles. It's still in the first motif, so there's a long way to go.
- Pink granite socks: Plain stockinette socks for easy knitting in pink and grey yarn.

- Nancy Bush socks: The June sock challenge is to design your own or knit a Nancy Bush pattern. I'm thinking Nancy Bush, though I haven't decided what pattern or yarn, precisely. I'll cast on when I finish the Kiila's.
- Sock Yarn Scarf: The local LYS is running a contest for scarf design out of sock yarn and I think I'm going to take the opportunity to try my hand at designing a scarf. I have the yarn and I have some ideas....

- Finish Kiila's
- Turn the next corner on the diamonds and triangles shawl
- Cast on for the Nancy Bush socks
- Get the scarf design swatched, written, and started

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