Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FO: Damson Shoulder Shawlette

I finished my Damson Shawl, a pattern from Ysolda. I began knitting it while finishing up my Diamonds and Triangles stole. I had seen Veronica's finished Damson on Ravelry and lurved it. I figured it might be just the thing for the Trekking Hand Art (color 503!) that I had been hoarding.

So Damson became my mindless knitting relief. And now it's finished and off the blocking board and onto my shoulders.
Damson Shawl

It took almost exactly the full hank of Trekking - I don't think I could have knit another full row with the tiny bit I have left over. I love when that happens, but it's nerve wracking. I was mentally going over my sock yarn scraps for a possible match at the end there.

Damson Shawl

While I loved this yarn in the hank, I'm not 100% in love with how it pools as it knits. I think it would have been better in socks. But since this is a scarf, I can handle the pooling. All in all, I think variegated yarn in scarves is best in a Montego Bay type pattern.

Damson Shawl

Blocking was interesting. I wasn't really sure what shape the shawl wanted to be, so I kind of felt like I was forcing it into this shape. I think I achieved more or less what the shawl wanted to be.

Although it was a very simple shawl overall, and easy to knit, I learned something new! The loops at the edge have an unusual construction. I had assumed, from looking at pictures, that it was a crocheted bind of, but no... far more interesting than that.

Damson Shawl

Now that this is off the needles, I only have four projects on the needles, three of which are active. I'm knitting the Amelia Cardigan lightly modified, the Laminaria shawl, a pair of stockinette socks, and the lap blanket my mom started some time ago. I have this crazy idea. The idea is to finish all four of these projects before beginning a new one.

This idea may be impractical - I do have some air travel at the end of the month, and I usually like to bring a pair of socks in addition to a lace piece. So there may be another sock cast on before I finish everything. But then I would finish those supposed socks before starting new projects. I don't recall a time while I've been knitting when I didn't have something in the works. Should be interesting...

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juliette said...

I'm french.
I'm knitting the Damson shawl and I'm having a hard time with the edge. I read your post about it but you don't give much explanations, can you please give me some more details ? How can you knit twice into a single yo ? You put it back on the right needle ? Is that the trick ?
Thanks a lot,