Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Whew. What a couple of weeks it's been! First off, we've moved. Moved to bigger place in an older building. Our first apartment with a kitchen large enough for a table, it's own washer and dryer, and two floors. We also have a guest room, which we are referring to as the play room. Because it will hold our games, toys, and hobbies. YARN ROOM! YARN ROOM!

After three days of hauling furniture (including a one day trip to ikea), I jumped on a shuttle to the airport where I hopped on a plane to San Diego where I boarded a shuttle to my hotel room where I dragged myself into the room and ordered room service. I watched the sunset over the Pacific and then some tv, then got up in the morning, gave a conference presentation and then traveled home. In and out.

Wednesday was back to work. Except I didn't stay at work because I caught the flu. What flu, I don't know. All I know is that I was running a temperature of 100-101 degrees and felt like death. My fever broke this morning and I feel awesome! Still not able to do much without being winded and I'm hounded by this horrible hacking cough, but I don't need to nap every moment of the day and I can imagine doing things.

Long story short, not much knitting been happening 'round here.

So far I've adhered to my "finish what's started before starting something new" goal. I've knit a bit on each of the four active projects, with the focus being on the cardigan. The socks are closest to completion - I could probably finish them in 2 hours work.

Since we're certainly not headed out tonight, I will have the chance, and the energy to get a little knitting done. Stay safe tonight everyone!

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