Monday, June 21, 2010

Organizing! Earrings!

I make piles by nature. Nesting? Laziness? I won't look too closely at it. But it's true. And, for some time now, I've had a pile of earrings and necklaces all jumbled up on a bookshelf in the bedroom. It was time for a change. Somewhere I remembered seeing an earring stand that was a bit of knit fabric in a picture frame. Now, it just so happened that I had the back of a sweater that I never knit the rest of, and the dollar store had cheap picture frames! A bit of magic later, and voila!
Earring board

Works great for earrings with hooks, less for post earrings, but since I mostly wear hook earrings, it's all good. Now, the reverse is sloppy, since I didn't cut down the fabric, but I'm fine with that for now. I could see cutting it down, sewing up the edges, and then stapling it to the board. The cheap plastic frame is straining under the bulk of the fabric, and might break. But I hope not.
Earring board

The non hook earrings I put into this little bowl. I adore little bowls, especially pretty ones. It's sitting in front of my proper jewelry box.
Little bowl

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Joansie said...

Great idea to recycle a knitted item. I made one and used "plastic canvas" and it works great!