Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fixing problems in lace

The lazy way.

I made a mistake.
Lilac leaf stole
On the left. See it? Here, I'll use my awesome MS Paint skillz to make it clear.
Oh no!  An Error!

I dropped a few stitches off the end of a needle and had some trouble picking them up. Turns out I didn't do such a great job and ended up with a solid area where there was supposed to be yos. So I magicked it and now I have this.
Error lessened.

You can still see the error, but it's not nearly so pronounced. I didn't frog it or drop stitches... I sewed it. Yeah. With needle and thread. It ain't pretty, but I think it's fairly effective.
Lilac leaf stole

And, in the meantime, I'm making pretty good progress on the stole. Look at it go.
Lilac leaf stole

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