Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cast on frenzy continues!

I have six more or less active projects on the needles right now. That's a lot for me! I usually have a couple going at the same time, and maybe one other one sitting aside waiting for me. Since last we met, I've cast on two more projects: a plain stockinette sock for knitting in movie theaters and Laminaria.

The plain socks are nothing special. This is the yarn's second try at making socks. Previously, I tried doing a Cat Bordhi sock with it and didn't care for how it came out. Plain jane is the way to go here.
2009.5.24 017

And Laminaria. I have had a love affair with this pattern. I adored it as soon as it came out. I even cast on for it in some super splitty two ply lace yarn. That did not work out at all. I've re-cast on for it in Blackberry Ridge silky merino. I had a hank and some change left over from my Shetland Tea Shawl, which should (fingers crossed) be enough for a nice triangular shawl.
2009.5.24 026

The stitch pattern scrunches up pretty easily. Here I've spread it out (the color is also truest in this picture).
2009.5.24 029

So many projects! Who will be finished first? I suspect it will be the May mystery socks which I intend to work on almost exclusively later in the week - to try to finish them before the end of the month.

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