Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy bee.

But I've been busy. A couple weeks ago my husband and I took an impromptu road trip up to Kalispell, MT and Glacier National Park. It's a 7 hour drive and it was a three day weekend. You do the math.

For the record, Glacier National Park is stunning. We saw lots of mountain goats, including a kid, a couple of marmots, and even a bear!
2009.08.24-MTroadtrip 311

Before we headed home on Monday, I wanted to stop at the yarn shop in Kalispell. Camas Creek Yarn is a beautiful shop, with a great selection. It's organized front to back from thin yarn to thick yarn, with lots of comfy corners and warm colored wood. I only got this sorry shot of the inside (being too midwestern to just whip out the camera and start snapping)
2009.08.24-MTroadtrip 373

But see how warm and inviting that is? And the storefront is great too.
2009.08.24-MTroadtrip 371

Naturally, I had to get some souvenir yarn, so I got a Zauberball in Grass Green. Which promptly went in the stash. Socks someday, I expect, to remind me of the green hills and the hiking. (Check out the photos which my husband has cleverly condensed and I have not even processed yet (except for the ones of the yarn store.))

And I've been knitting like a madwoman. A pair of socks for this gal headed into a nursing program, and I just now, just earlier tonight, blocked out my languishing Lilac Leaf Stole from Knitted Lace of Estonia. I survived the kitchener.

By brain is consumed by the fibery. I want to be knitting all the time, playing with my yarn all the time. But I have this thing called a job, which I would like to keep...

I have two lace shawls on the needles. One of which I started nearly two years ago and which really needs to be finished. I'm not a fan of the knitted on edging, I tell you what. But what I want to do is one of those super cute little shawls that's mostly plain, but with a bit of interest at the end. I think it might be time for me to break out the hank of Sea Silk I've got sitting in the stash and knit something on that order.

But I should really finish that one shawl before it hits its terrible twos. It's going to be a massive thing, let me tell you.

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