Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Swap

I participated in a Summer Swap over on the KnittyBoard. I got my fabulous final box from my swap partner, Aitara! It was chock full of East Coast goodies:
Summer swap package

Lovely yarn, lots of little goodies, Maine saltwater taffy, a really neat blank book, and some chocolate covered graham crackers that disappeared before the photo was taken. Thank you for the fun summer packages, Aitara!

In knitting news, I've really been focusing on buckling down on my Diamonds and Triangles stole from Victorian Lace Today (aka: the shawl started in November 2007). I'm knitting on the edging and I'm about halfway down the second long side. So I have the rest of the long side and the last short side and a 32 stitch graft, and then it will be done!

And I want to finish it in less than 2 weeks. In two weeks, the museum I work for will be opening (like, for the first time!), and I bought a dress online that the stole will be gorgeous with. So I need to finish it in time. I really hope the dress fits right when it arrives.

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