Sunday, December 28, 2008


Enormous Yarn Cake
Ever wonder what an entire hank of Cascade Eco Wool looks like wound into a yarn cake? Well, look above. That's a quarter on there. It's huge! And my Bohus Cardigan is progressing nicely.
Bohus Sweater

This was the sweater on my denises when they snapped. But it survived and now is being knit on my brand spanking new Knitpicks Options needles, which were a most excellent Christmas Present.
Knitpicks options interchangeables

Their carrying case is not as shnazzy as my old denises, but it is nice and functional. I'll probably round out the set with a couple longer cords. Wheee...


Veronica said...

Hooray, cake! I just got a swift and ball winder for Christmas and I'm so excited to be able to make cakes now (I know, I know, after all my ranting about hating them... they're just so much more efficient!)

Good luck with the new needles - I got new dpns for Christmas!

Lynn Bethke said...

Yay swifts and ball winders! I can't believe you didn't have one before. They are very handy creatures.