Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End o' the year

End of the year posts are very en vogue right now. I can't imagine why.

2008 Summation
Number of projects finished in 2008: 20
Number of pairs of stockinette socks finished in 2008: 5
Number of Ravelry hearts on 2008 projects(favorited by others): 53
Most favorited project: Honeybee Wedding Stole (with 16 hearts)
My most favorite project: Tangled Yoke Cardigan is tied with the Honeybee Stole and the Shetland Tea Shawl
Amount of yarn purchased in 2008: Unknown. Bought a few cones of laceweight, and a sweater's worth of yarn. Also much swapping.
New techniques learned: Nothing major. Refined picking up wraps.
Proudest accomplishment: Designing my first pair of socks with an original stitch pattern.

Goals for 2009:

- Finish all the projects I have on the needles right now. That's three pieces of lace and a sweater. Lap blanket optional.
- Participate in Sockdown! Monthly
- Limit yarn intake. Exceptions: yarn needed to finish existing projects, REALLY good sales (like Rowan 4 ply DK for $1 a ball), and possibly gift knitting.
- Try new things. (this is already happening. The sweater I'm working on now is steeked, and the socks I start tomorrow for Sockdown! will be done 2-at-a-time, which I've never done before)
- Knit more

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