Thursday, December 11, 2008

Knit knit knit

I have knit three scarves and one pair of socks as Christmas gifts. I also have knit one secret something which I will reveal at a later date. Now I am knitting for me. I'm a selfish knitter. I like to knit for ME ME ME. I like to knit for those I will know appreciate it, which is why I will knit my aunt socks twice a year and have offered to knit her larger things if she is interested. But mostly, I knit for self gratification.

I want the next project I knit to be with this:
Ravelry 034

That's 1160 yards of ArtFibers Hana, a deliciously soft 100% silk. I picked this up in April 2007 while in San Francisco for a conference. It's amazing. I've been hoarding it since then.

I have this problem. I hoard the yarn I love the most. It's like I don't want to screw it up. Which I don't. So I have this stock of beautiful yarn which is like the good china which is too nice to use. And I have this other problem: indecision. I spend hours and hours hemming and hawing and using the Ravelry pattern browser. Then I usually turn to Madam and tell her to tell me what I should knit.

So I'm trying to figure out what to knit with this yarn. I love it, so I want it against my body. However, a sweater is probably not a good option so I am thinking scarf or stole. A wide-ish scarf or stole. That's got a lace aspect to it. That will work with a sport weight yarn. Madli's Shawl is high in the running. I've always quite liked the look of it. Suggestions are welcome, however.

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Veronica said...

Madli's Shawl is lovely. Or... well, anything from Victorian Lace Today would probably be lovely, too. Maybe Eunny Jang's Print o the Wave - but only if you did the construction more like the methods in VLT (I ripped mine out in frustration).

But I'm sure it will be lovely whatever you decide!