Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Okay, so if you're my pal on Ravelry, or keep good tabs on the LJ knitting community, then you've already seen this. But I am making a Big Deal out of this Christmas present that I gave to Madam (who doesn't blog enough, by the way).

12.20.2008 037

It's a toilet paper cozy! Made from Yarn Bee Elvish Eyelash Yarn! The color of big bird!

Back Story: Earlier this year Madam gifted me the book Toilet Roll Covers. Then Madam and Veronica presented me with two balls of novelty yarn at my wedding reception. So it was only fair.

This is my first time knitting something with exclusively novelty eyelash yarn. It was HORRIBLE. This stuff shed, you can't read stitches for anything, and it was pretty rough. To make the cozy, I cast on a bunch of stitches and did a k2p2 rib in the round. When I figured it was long enough, I referred to the Toilet Roll Cover book and did some evenly distributed decreases for the top. Then I discovered it was not long enough. I grabbed a crochet hook - a big one, H or K? - and did something resembling a single crochet around the bottom. The length was perfect! And the great thing is, all the fluttering eyelashes hide the imperfections!

Plus, I got to take photos in my awesomely green retro bathroom:
12.20.2008 041

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a roll of toilet paper stuffed inside a big bird pouch.

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Veronica said...

Oh, is that not the funniest thing. Merry Christmas, indeed.