Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Maybe I oughtn't to have had that double shot americano at 7:30 tonight. Oops. In any case, I'm awake now and expect I will be for a while yet.

I finished a hat tonight. Relm, by Jared Flood. I cast it on as a quick knit, but it proved to be anything but. I guess I finished it in less than a week, but those cables, man, they kill my hands. But I did the last dozen or so rows while watching The Graduate tonight. No pictures just yet.

When it comes to hats, I don't swatch, so it tends to be a crap shoot. This hat came out on the large side. It's a little bit rasta. But made of wool, so very warm. Now I need to decide what to knit next - work on socks or continue on my Simurgh stole. I'm almost done with the first half of the stole; I'm maybe 20-25% done with the edging on it. But I've got an urge for quick knits... Maybe it's time for the Owl Sweater. I've got some grey cascade ecowool that's been trying to be a sweater for about a year now. Poor yarn keeps getting ripped out and rewound into a ball. I think the owl sweater will be just right for it.

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