Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I would do some kind of April Fools, but I'm not that clever. Also, it's still March on the West Coast, so neener neener. But I do have some yarn I made.

I picked up about 2 oz of three different rovings in Seattle on Thursday. I got Ashland Bay multi colored merino in Cranberry, solid color merino in Tartan, and 70/30 merino silk in McKenzie. So far I've spun up about half of the Cranberry on my Golding spindle.
Handspun merino singles
I was liking the evenness I was getting, so I decided to keep the yarn as a single. Unfortunately, I overspun it pretty well, seeing as I didn't decide to do singles until well into the process. But I soaked it and thwacked it on the kitchen counter, and it's not so bad. It's slightly kinky, but it's not twisting back on itself. I'll put less spin into the next half of the roving. And next time I'll be buying more than just a couple of ounces; it spins up fast when you get in the groove (although my shoulder aches something fierce the next day).
Handspun merino singles
Handspun merino singles
With the flecks of blue in there, it makes me think of recycled sari silk, but much more pleasant to work with. I think I'll aim for a finer thread on the next color I spin up and ply it. I'm at about 165 yards so far. I hope I can get up to 300 with the rest of the Cranberry.

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