Friday, March 13, 2009

Floppy Hat aka Relm

I mentioned the hat last time. It's warm, it's floppy, and now it's photographed. Relm, by Jared Flood in the latest issue of knit.1.

Relm by Jared Flood
It's knit out of Cascade Ecowool. I used my knitpicks interchangeables, which are performing admirably. Knitting all the cables, especially the 6 stitch cables, really tired out my hands. It's why I don't do a great deal of cable work - I find it tedious and the rewards minimal. But don't hold me to it; I'm a fickle knitter.
Relm by Jared Flood
I'm still not quite sure how to wear this hat. But I like that it covers my ears and forehead; I have a bad habit of knitting caps too small, leaving my ears only partially covered.
Relm by Jared Flood
I've cast on for a new pair of socks, something a little silly and outside my normal range of sock knitting, but hopefully kind of fun. They're mostly stockinette, so I am flying though them so far. And I've picked up Simurgh again and worked a few more repeats of the first edging. Slowly but surely I will finish it. I want to finish Simurgh and then return to the edging on my enormous, knit in black, Diamonds and Triangles stole. I have so many lace projects I want to tackle, but I hate having one hanging over my head like this.


Kate said...

I like that hat! It does look warm, too.

Corrina said...

You wear it just like that, because that looks great on you!

Veronica said...

Hooray! I have a great love for the floppy hat (and almost made that one).