Friday, March 20, 2009

Trends in crafting

So, have you all noticed how weaving is the new quilting is the new spinning is the new knitting? Everyone is gaga for weaving, it seems. Meh, I say. Your woven scarves all look very nice, but meh. I have other ideas for my sock yarn. Mostly socks, actually. Some scarves maybe, but knit, not woven.

You won't see me weaving until I get my grandma's loom someday. And that loom takes up whole room (not my grandma, just some random image). And then I think we're mostly talking rugs and maybe heavy stoles.

Or, you know, maybe I'm just behind the times. I have a drop spindle, and am wheel-curious... so perhaps it's just a matter of time?

But mostly it's still knitting. I'm almost through with my first of two girly socks. I'm doing the main part in some light Wildfoote and using light tan leftovers for the frilly bit. Problem is that I didn't read the pattern when I started knitting it, so I didn't know that I was supposed to switch to ribbing for the last 2" of the leg before the lace cuff. oops. I'm not ripping it out. If it doesn't stay up, I can sew in some elastic. Obstinate, that's me.

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