Sunday, April 5, 2009

5th of the month project status post

- Eliina Shawl: Active. My brainless knitting project, excellent for action films and subtitles. I've done 5 of 10 repeats of the body pattern, which does not mean I'm half done, oh no no.
- Simurgh Stole: Active. Halfway through the second motif on the second half of the shawl. The end is in sight.
- Sondermuster Darmstadt socks: On the table. Not quite active, but ready to be picked up at my whim. Little more than toe stubs at this point. Doing two at a time, toe up.
- Diamonds and Triangles Stole from Victorian Lace Today: Drowsy. In the project bag, and comes out when the whim hits (which is rarely). I'm almost all the way done with attaching the edging on the first long side. It saw some knitting action in the past month, but not in the several months before that.
- Frosted Ferns doily: Dormant. Possibly in the frog pond. There are just too many other things I'd rather do that make a doily on size 0 needles.
- Selbu Mittens from Folk Mittens: Dormant. I knit one in the fall and got no joy from it. I should probably finish the second one to prove it can be done, but... meh.

- Cranberry Merino: Mostly done! Just a little bit left to spin, then we'll see if I did better at spinning a single than with the first spindlefull.

- Sweater? With the black yarn I got yesterday I've been plotting a sweater. I'm thinking the Mirabella Cardigan, but with longer sleeves and minus the ridiculous collar.
- Sweater vest? I have 10 hanks of Elsbeth Lavold Silky tweed in a brilliant blue that want to be...something. Maybe Honeycomb?
- New shawl project? Not until two of the three current shawl projects are finished.

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