Monday, April 13, 2009

Rant ahead

Photo borrowed without permission of Interweave Knits

What is there, a war against button bands? I see so many adorable cardigans and they're all secured by a single button at the neck, or maybe two or three buttons on the top half, with the bottom part swinging free in the breeze. What is that all about? I like my cardigans to be sweaters with options, not something which is going to flop around and annoy me all day long. I have shawls for flopping around. Below I present to you some cardigans guilty of button miserliness.

Diminishing Ribs Cardigan: No button band.

Coraline: One third buttons.

Moch Cardi: One third buttons.

February Lady Sweater: One third buttons.

Amelia: One third buttons with full button band.

Kingscot: One half buttons with full button band.

Sitcom Chic: Single closure.

Swing Swing: Single closure.

Mr. Greenjeans: Single button on full button band.

Ophicleide cardigan: One fifth buttons and NO SLEEVES! (I don't get non-vest sleeveless sweaters, I just don't.)

Now, I like all of these sweaters, I really do. I pulled them all from my Ravelry queue. But I would need to add buttons to all of them. Which, because this is knitting, should be straight forward enough to do. But seriously, I'm beginning to think there's a conspiracy out there against the button and zipper industry. ...or maybe against me. *glances around wildly and hides behind the cat*


Gudrun Johnston said...

For me it's a case of style preference. I like the cardigan that falls out to the side in a flattering drapey way and find it doesn't cause me any nuisance....does seem to be a popular style at the moment.........however I am about to design a cardigan with an entire buttonband!

Lynn Bethke said...

Yes, it is a good style for many people. But just not in my personal taste. ;)

The lovely thing about knitting is that it can be customized, and adding a button band, or even loops for buttons, is pretty easy.