Sunday, April 19, 2009

Strolling down memory lane

I spent about three hours last night putting old knitting projects into Ravelry. Since I organized my flickr sets last week into knitting by year (starting in late 2005, when I joined flickr), I noticed that a lot of projects weren't in Ravelry. Like my first sweater, or my early socks.

So I started filling in the gaps. I omitted a lot of hats and scarves, but I think I added like 20-25 projects. Phew!

There's my hooded shawl (which I never wear since the colors are terrible, even if it is the softest yarn ever):
shawl, hood up

My Eris sweater is now in Ravelry (I think it needs a good reblocking though): Eris collar detail

And some silly little projects like the pocketbook slippers I gave my mom one year:
x-mas 004

I ended up logging into my old photobucket account, my livejournal scrapbook (which I had pretty much forgotten) and searching my harddrive for photos from years past. My old knitting blog was very helpful; I'd made posts with everything finished in 2005 and 2006. I guess I was just waiting for Ravelry to come into my life. The whole project was like a scavenger hunt. It was interesting to see how I've grown as a knitter; I shuddered to remember the Tempting I made out of Caron Simply Soft...

Today I'm firmly planted in the present. My Kauni shawl is blocking (yay for finishing projects in quick succession!), I've washed a couple of winter sweaters to store away, and my yarn is setting its twist outside in the sun. Busy day.

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