Saturday, April 4, 2009

Signs of spring

It's cracked 60 around here today, and it's beginning to feel like spring. I started a shawl out of the coveted Kauni EQ the other day. I looked all over Ravelry, seeing what kind of shawls were best for the long color repeats of this rainbow yarn. I decided it need to be very simple. Eventually, I choose the Eliina Shawl, because it's knit from the top down, with simple yo details, and some interest at the bottom. And so far, I'm loving it! The yo rows create this barrier which divides up the color repeats pretty nicely.
Kauni Shawl

Another sign of spring? Spring sale at the Dancing Ewe. Lots of nice yarn at 75% off. I picked up 12 hanks of Lana d'Oro in black - enough for a sweater, and less than $15. (Have I mentioned that I love a bargain?) I also got suckered into picking up three balls of Bollicina, a 65% cashmere, 35% silk blend, in a gorgeous burgundy which completely failed to photograph. It was 75% off and oh so soft.
Lana d'oro

I've also tackled a long needed project: I reorganized my knitting pictures in Flickr. I've been using flickr for 4 years now, and had no coherent organization method. But now I do! Hooray! Knitting and spinning by year, and a massive set for photos of yarn, past and present. Should be much more manageable.

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