Sunday, January 31, 2010

FO: Cat sweater

Yes. I knit a sweater for my cat. Why? I don't know. Because I think it's funny.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I got the idea into my head that a cat sweater was a must. And I searched Ravelry for a pattern. Turns out, there's more than one. I picked the Cats Love Sweaters recipe mostly, I think, because of the cat in the pink sweater, which looks quite dashing and happy for a cat in a sweater.

I've spent quite a lot of time thinking about the sweater. Eventually, I chose an oddball of Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton in a gorgeous pearly grey, on the idea that the cat wouldn't try to destroy a plant fiber. Not as much anyway. I knit it hastily, wrangled the cat in it, and snapped some photos.

Infamous Cat Sweater

Infamous Cat Sweater

Infamous Cat Sweater

Infamous Cat Sweater

The cat didn't try to get the sweater off, but she did sort of scoot around like she was walking under something the whole time it was on her. I don't think she took to it.

... at least it's out of my system now.

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Makalah Wagner said...

LOVE it!

Maybe next Business Cat needs some one-hour kitten booties? Or a tail cozy?