Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10th: Forearms

I took today off of work. Pants and I ran some errands, but were thwarted by long waits at our primary objective - the Department of Licensing. So we still need to update our addresses with them. Le sigh.

One thing we did accomplish was cashing in our coins at the Coinstar machine. We got an Amazon gift certificate with the money. Apparently, there's a promotion right now where if you cash in $40 or more of coins, you can send in for an extra $10 Amazon gift certificate! That's awesome!

While I didn't use today's certificate for knitting related purchases, I do have my eye on a number of knitting books. Knitting in Plain English and The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, notably. I want to get a better technical understanding of this knitting thing. I have a pretty good functional grasp, but feel that a good solid grounding in the technical will improve my finished projects considerablelike.

Catching up on reality shows and watching Brazil has resulted in sleeve growth. My forearms are substantially covered, now. I think there's some more watching of things in the plans for tomorrow, so I am expecting further growth.

I don't have a new photo for today, so here's a photo - taken by webcam - of the view from the 9th floor of the tower at the Catamaran Resort in San Diego. I stayed there overnight a couple of weeks ago when I presented at a conference. The weather is turning downright cold around here, and San Diego was nice and warm, but not too warm.
San dioego 001

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