Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9th: Cookies

Today, I made cookies. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from this recipe. And I wore my brand new apron, which I mentioned yesterday.

But what fun is wearing a classically styled apron if you don't go full 1950s housewife on it?
Baking cookies

I'm even wearing pearls (oops, I wrote purls first) and heels. The heels lasted through about the middle of actually baking the cookies. Then I switched to slippers. :D

The oatmeal in the cookies really bulks out the batter. You get about 40 cookies per batch. Also, this batch and the previous are the first times I've used honest to goodness butter in baking. I was raised on margarine, what can I say? But butter cookies are so rich and decadent.
Baking cookies

I'm not 100% with the consistent sizing of cookies either. But as far as I'm concerned, it's not the way they look, but the way they taste.
Baking cookies

The last few cookies spread out too much and got kind of caramelized/crispy. Pants didn't care for them, but I like them. When I was done, into the cookie jar go the cookies. And we have, in my opinion, a truly excellent cookie jar.
Baking cookies

It's not bigger on the inside, unfortunately.

No knitting yet, but I think I'll stay up a bit and work on my sleeves once this is posted.

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Amy Fox said...

Oh! Wonderful cookie jar. Love. It would be funny to fill it with banana chocolate cookies. Or jelly babies. ;)