Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16th: FO: Pink Granite socks

More knitting! I call these my Pink Granite socks because the pink and the grey reminds me of stone.
Pink Granite socks

I knit these on size one needles using J. Knits SuperwashMe Sock. These are a basic toe-up stockinette sock. My go to movie theatre knitting. In fact, according to Ravelry, I started these on May 10th of this year.
Pink Granite socks

The first sock was knit with a short row heel. The second one got an afterthought heel - I got to the heel point just before we left for the movie, so I decided to put in some waste yarn and have different heels on the sock. Not a big deal, since these aren't gift socks. But I definitely think I like the short row heel better.
Pink Granite socks

It's amazing how hard it is to get a decently lit picture in this house. I went out to our mudroom and brought out my sheepskin rug to cover the grody carpet that's out there. The light lasted about as long as I took photos for. Maybe on a day when the sun is actually out....

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