Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27th: Holiday Spirit

Now things get a little tricky on the knitting front. I've started, and am about halfway though, one Christmas gift, but I'm not going to show it. Because that would be telling. (2 points if you can read my mind, identify the inflection in that last sentence, and guess the reference.) What I can tell you is that we decked the halls today.

Okay. One hall. Mostly the living room. Mostly our 3' tree. This tree is an upgrade from last year. Last year we have an 18" tree that we bought at Goodwill, with some ornaments still attached. The two years before that? Well, we decorated our oversized Winnie the Pooh. So a 3' artificial tree represents a substantial step forward in the realm of having a grown-up Christmas. Here's the full length photo of the Christmas area of the house.
2009.11.27 003

That's stockings on the tv sideboard and Christmas tree on the table. The tree is decked with various ornaments we've accumulated, surrounded by a felt tree skirt, topped by a mini-santa hat. Here's a better shot of the tree, minus Santa hat, plus adorable cat.
2009.11.27 001

Time to get in the spirit!

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