Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29th: plans

Pants and I went shopping in the greater Seattle area today. That entails a car trip at least 3 hours round trip. Which isn't bad, because Snoqualmie Pass is a beautiful place to drive through. Particularly by the light of the full moon shining on the snow capped mountains tonight. But what I'm getting at is I'm tired. Wiped out.

We headed to a big fancy mall we'd never gone to before, and I realized a creepy stalker moment as I recognized a knit blogger as we passed in the mall. But the mall trip itself was pretty successful, in that we picked up a few gifts and worked out plans for most of the rest of them. Unfortunately, this entails my knitting a couple more of Secret Projects First and Second, making for Secret Projects Fourth and Fifth. And I don't think I can manage it with just stash yarn. I'll just have to buy some more. Woe is me.

But I'm getting into the holiday spirit. Pants and I got some Christmas candy the other day. This Santa shaped treat had us a little perplexed... in that its Santa shape was not so much accurate.
2009.11.27 009

Pants gives the candy a lukewarm endorsement - "It wasn't bad... it's what was advertised." Meanwhile, my peanut butter tree was very tasty. But I love chocolate and peanut butter, so go figure.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, where I (hope to) post photos of a sweater with buttons and reflect on this post every day business. Riveting!

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