Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8th

Today's knitting amounts to about 4 inches of garter and stockinette. Not very interesting photo material. I lazed about. Caught up on some shows in the morning, finished a book and napped midday. And in the afternoon we finished unpacking and picked up in the play room. We still need some furniture in there - there's just one shelf. But it's a start.

I decided to take most of my yarn out of the fabric cubes that the cat destroyed and display it openly. We keep the door closed, so the cat doesn't have access.

This is the sock yarn and books:
Sock yarn storage

Looking at it makes me want to cast on for something. That mini-mochi in front calls to me. And the Fleece Artist and the Zauberball are enticing as well. But first I must complete the projects I have going on - it's for the best. And I fear that's going to take rather a long while at the pace I'm going. But Wednesday is a holiday, and I think I'll take Tuesday off too, depending if anything comes up tomorrow.

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