Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17th: Everything's falling apart!

Ack! Everything is falling apart! It started a couple of weeks ago when the zipper pull on my Knitpicks Options Case fell off. Just... broke and fell off. Oh well, I thought, I can just move the slider back and forth. Annoying, but still functional. Well! Then, this weekend, the slider just breaks apart. *poof* I can no longer close the zipper.

2009.11.17busted 002
This is what's left of the slider thingy.

I contact Knitpicks and they are quick to respond and mail me a new one. I was going to wait and mention it once I receive the replacement, but then two (2!) things busted tonight.

First: One of my 40" options cables pulls apart. This is not quite a *poof* moment because I was pulling on the cable from the needle end. Still, I did not appreciate that breaking. I'll be letting knitpicks know what happened, but it's probably more in the realm of user error than defective item. Thankfully I didn't drop any stitches.
2009.11.17busted 010

Second: One of my favorite stitch markers went poof. This is what they look like:
2009.11.17busted 003

But this is what one of them now looks like:
2009.11.17busted 005

The bending is my fault. Inexplicably, the bead portion just fell off! It's still whole, so I tried to force it back on, and cannot. I guess the marker is technically still functional, but it's gonna catch on everything now. :P
2009.11.17busted 009

I mean, really, what the hey? I understand things break, but this is all going down at the same time. The needle broke on my first row of joining the sleeves of the Amelia cardigan to the body. The stitch marker went sometime in the next couple of hours. Yeesh. Here's to hoping everything stays in one piece tomorrow.

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