Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12th: Long day

When I'm really tired, my legs feel tired. I don't know how else to explain it than my legs feel tired, and I get spazzy if I can't put them in a comfortable position. I've got that kind of tired now.

It's been a long day. Up before sunrise, run around right before I have to head out the door because I've lost track of time. Busy day at work, with at least three crises, and I end up staying 9 hours instead of my usual 8. Run home, dinner with Pants, then off to knitting. Knitting for a couple of hours, which flies by. Then home where Pants and I pick out art for our living room walls. This takes two hours. So it's 10:30 now and I have some time to think about blogging. And I am just weary. Mostly in my legs, but I think I'll fall asleep pretty quickly.

Anywho. At knitting tonight I bought a pattern. A pattern I was going to mention, but since I am thinking about knitting Christmas gifts from it, I had perhaps better not mention it. Initially, I'd planned not to knit much in the way of Christmas gifts, but I'm feeling pretty broke right now and knit gifts are sounding better all the time. We'll see how this all shakes out.

Also, I'm at 13.5" on my sleeves. I need 18". According to the pattern, I'm nearly done with the increases, but I think I'll be adding more for a better fit. It's good to see progress.
sleeves for amelia

It's funny though - I'm fixated on this sweater, but I'm almost done with two of the other wips. My socks just need a heel. Just one short row heel. And the lap blanket can't be more than a couple of hours away from done. And I'm working on this sweater. Maybe it's the onset of winter. I guess it's supposed to snow tonight/tomorrow.

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