Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14th: Girth

I finished knitting and cast off my mom's lap blanket while playing Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo with Pants. I did a crocheted bind off. I wasn't sure what size crochet hook to use. I figured I should use something about the same as the needles I was using. So I grabbed the biggest crochet hook I have - my selection isn't great, though it's not bad - and went for it.
2009.11.14 007

I maybe should have gone with my second biggest crochet hook. That's the hook I used, the size 15 knitting needle I had been knitting with, and a standard #2 pencil for scale. That hook? Is behemoth. It worked, but it was not the easiest way to do it. Lesson learned.

I think I'll go weave in the ends and watch some Ghost Hunters. I'll start the heel on my sock as well, I think. I slept in until nearly 11am this morning, so I might be up for a while...

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