Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11th: Tangled Mess

Today is a state holiday - schools and state employees have the day off of work. A good day for tackling those projects you let go. One such project was to clean up my scrap yarn bag.

To be clear, I have two bags of scrap yarn. One is for sock and laceweight, the other is for everything else. The everything else bag is the problem.
tangled mess

No, really, look at that mess.
tangled mess

And that was even after I'd pulled out some of the more well behaved balls of yarn. It took about 10 minutes of detangling, but eventually I got it sorted out and looking more like this:
tangled mess

Ah. Much better. I have two scrap yarn projects percolating in my brain. The first is barely worth mentioning. I need a coaster. See, we decided we need to respect our furniture, now that we've got a few pieces worth respecting, and coasters are part of that. We have this great set of coasters that are red with white flowers in the center, but they're also curved up at the edges. Which is great for juice glasses and whatnot. But I favor large nalgene style bottles or large pottery mugs which don't sit nicely on the pretty little cup holders. Thus, I need to knit some coasters.

The second project I am contemplating is a felted cat bed, ala Kitty Pi minus (probably) the fun fur. This would lighten the scraps load considerable like, I think. The cat clearly has a fondness for knitted things. Why just today she was scaling Mount Blanket.

Mount Blanket features my last stashbusting effort, the ugly afghan and a wonderfully warm shawl gifted to me by my friend Laura.

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