Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7th: Still not knitting

Nope, no knitting today either. I got up at 6:15 because I had a meeting at work this morning. On Saturday, yeah. It was done by 10:15 and I reclaimed my sewing machine (which was still at work from the last time I used it) and headed down to the local fabric shop.

You see, I want to make an apron. More appropriately, I want to HAVE an apron. A particular apron. This Apron. (This apron was featured in a post on Cake Wrecks a while ago.) I became obsessed with this apron. A friend tracked down the exact sewing pattern for it and I promptly bought it from eBay.

So I get to the local fabric shop and tell the woman inside that I have this pattern and no idea about anything else.

Have I mentioned that I have never sewn from a pattern in my life? Also, I don't sew much at all in general? Anyway.

The woman at the shop is very helpful. But I have sticker shock. Most of the fabric is $9/yard. Especially the fabric I like. So I back out. I'm pretty sure I'm going to maul the thing, so I'd rather not use $9/yard fabric.

In the afternoon, Pants and I head down to Yakima. We hit up the fabric stores. Fabric costs less, but it's still pretty expensive and I'm not in love with anything exactly. That doesn't prevent me from wandering back and forth for an hour muttering. Eventually, we leave empty handed. We go next door to Goodwill. I find this:
flower fabric

Fabric! For $1.99! Does it look like an old bed sheet? Because that's what it is. But I like it and I feel thrifty all at the same time. And sheepish. I feel a little sheepish about the three fabric stores and hours spent muttering.

Then we go to Target. And darned if I don't find an apron there that's nearly what I wanted, and in a fabric I like to boot. Yeesh.

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